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Whoever coined the term "plain vanilla" never tasted ours.
Watkins has been making the vanilla products since 1895.
When your vanilla wins a Gold Medal in Paris --
where they definitely know their vanilla -- you're doing
something right.  With the world's best vanilla beans and
more than 110 years of flavor experience, Watkins
has a vanilla to suit your budget and baking style. At
Watkins, there's no such thing as "plain vanilla."

Original Double-Strength Vanilla
Watkins Vanilla is made form the world's finest
Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Our secret
low-alcohol, double-strength formula is more
flavorful than pure vanilla in recipes requiring
baking or freezing.
Double-Strength Imitation Clear Vanilla Extract
For wedding cakes and other baked goods that need
to be pure white, turn to the choice of professional
bakers. Our colorless Clear Vanilla has all the
bake-proof, freeze-proof, double-strength flavor
of our famous Original Vanilla but without the color

Purest Granulated Black Pepper
When it comes to the world's most important spice,
you might as well use the best. At Watkins,
we buy top-quality Malabar and Lampont
pepper-corns (the two most potent varieties),
carefully screen out fillers and stems, then granulate
them through our exclusive process, which creates
less friction and preserves their high essential
oil content. Experience the Gold Medal-winning
taste of the most flavorful pepper on the market.

Gourmet Herbs & Spices
At Watkins, we go the extra mile to find the vary best of the world's herb and spice crop. Premium Jamaican allspice. Choice Turkish bay leaves. High-oil Korintje cassia (cinnamon) from Sumatra. The best nutmegs for the East and West Indies. Stemless Dalmatian sage from Greece and Croatia. Fancy-grade Jamaican and Cochin ginger. The finest peppercorns form Sumatra and from India's Malabar Coast.

Pepper Collection
Our world-famous Black Pepper is offered in various
forms and flavored blends... and don't forget the salt --
we even do that with style!

Gold Medal Gourmet Essentials Gift Tray
Original Double-Strength Vanilla (325 mL/ 11fl oz),
Granulated Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg,
Original Grapeseed Oil, Garlic Liquid Spice,
Honey Mustard, Sea Salt.