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Total Glass Resurfacing Specializing in Glass Restoration and Repair since 1999. Based in Bend, Or. and serving all of Central Oregon.
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Owned by Don Gregor and operated by son Tim Gregor.
Our business is restoring and repairing glass and not replacing glass.

Scratch Removal
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Our services include complete water spot/stain removal and complete scratch removal.
When it comes to water spots we remove what others can't. Once glass becomes
etched (spotted) normal cleaners won't solve the problem. Our service removes the
spotting and restores the glass to like new condition while being environmentally safe.
We do windows, auto glass and even shower units with our process. Scratch removal
is another of our services to restore glass. Scratches occur from many different ways
and we can repair most all of them. Our unique process removes the scratch without
creating distortion or loss of optical clarity. It works on all types of glass whether its
window, doors, commercial or auto glass we can fix it. Restoring an antique car,
We have done many of those over the past ten years. To go along with our water
spot removal we recommend that we treat the glass with our special nano coating
that will make it easier to clean the glass in the future and help protect it from
spots occurring again if the glass has regular maintenance. We now are providing
professional non toxic window cleaning to maintain the restored beauty of your
glass. Our environmentally safe and odor free cleaning solution leaves your
glass looking crystal clear.

Water Spot Removal

Headlight Restoration

Water Spot Removal

Other glass related service for your auto is our windshield repair. We are factory trained and
certified using the most professional equipment in the industry. Windshield repair restores
the strength of the glass 100%, saves the original factory seal, improves the visual clarity in
the damaged area and keeps windshields out of the landfill. Millions of windshields each year
are replaced and go to landfills where they take thousands of years to decay. Save your
windshield and help the environment by getting the repairs done as soon as possible after the
damage occurs and keep the chip from spreading across the windshield. To go along with
this service we also do headlight restoration. Headlight lens can turn yellow, milky white or get
a blue green tint to it. You can't just replace the lens anymore in the headlight. Now you
must replace the entire unit and they are very expensive. We can clean up the lens, make them
look clear and improve your ability to see at night at a fraction of the cost to replace the lens.
Our last service is removing scratches to stainless steel surfaces. This originally began as a
service to building industry. In construction of new homes the stainless surfaces would get
scratched and the appliance could end up getting replaced. We have learned the process to
removes the scratches, restore the beauty of the stainless and keep the grain intact.

Scratch Removal From Windshield

Pronghorn Golf Club Scratch Removal Job

All of our services require a visual inspection to determine the plan of action to repair or restore.
We offer FREE ESTIMATES and our work is 100% guaranteed. If you don't like the result
you don't pay.

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