CCB # 170937


How Do We Do It?
Seeing the need for a better way to renew
wood, we developed a process that makes
most wood beautiful again without the hassle
of the old refinishing process.

Your floors and cabinets will look
beautiful in less then 24 hours,
without the hassle and for a fraction
of the cost!

No Dust

Our revolutionary process eliminates most sanding, which simply means no dust. With N-Hance there's no need to cover your furniture and seal off rooms or vacate for days. Just give us access to renew your wood for a few hours and you'll be back on your floor the same day and your dust wand can stay in the closet!

No Mess

Immediately after we leave, you're ready to go on with your life. You won't be juggling furniture and adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the lasting mess. We are in and out in one day. You are then free to enjoy your beautiful, wood floors or cabinets.

No Odors

Our process is relatively odorless compared to the gagging fumes of stains and sealers used by the old re-finishing process. You'll be breathing easier the whole way with N-Hance.

Less Expensive

N-Hance costs a fraction of the old process. Think of what you can do with the furniture or accessories, for instance, to beautify your home all the more.

Customer Satisfaction

If we don't deliver exactly as promised, we will come back and make it right.