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More than 23 years ago, a man named Joe Trager was cooking chicken
on propane grill.  He turned away for a moment and when he looked
back the grill was in flames and the chicken ruined - not a good situation
to be in with nine children hungry and waiting for dinner.

He was so mad he kicked the grill over a hill near his house and began working on a
different kind of grill. A grill that wouldn't catch fire because it would burn wood pellets.

The result of his efforts is the Traeger Grill It's a lean, mean machine that
not only acts as a barbecue, but can also be used as a smoker and
convection oven thanks to an auger that releases a varied number of pellets
to achieve different temperatures.

"The great thing about these grills is they do what they're
suppose to do," Joe said.

Trager Industries is based in Mount Angel, but now
Central Oregon residents can experience the taste of Traeger
since Joe's in downtown Redmond and is selling the grills, along
with fly fishing equipment.


"It's really easy for me to sell Traeger barbecues because I know everything there is to know about
them and I've grown up on them all my life," Tyson said. "I wouldn't be selling them if I didn't
like them, but they are awesome. I can sell one to anybody because I know anybody would love one."

For Tyson, Selling Traeger grills is a family affair. His father, brother and three uncles are
highly involved in the business in Mount Angel, but the call of the outdoors led Tyson to Central Oregon.

"I was working for Traeger and didn't really like doing the whole sitting in the office making phone calls thing,"
he said. " I need to be outside and wanted to live somewhere close to home that is also outdoorsy.
Central Oregon is perfect."

Joe said he is glad Traeger finally has a presence in Central Oregon and even happier
that his grandson is acting as the dealer.

"I think it's fantastic and something that's been needed for quite awhile," he said.
"And there's nothing better than Traegers selling Traegers. That's pretty hard to beat."

Tyson said there is not a lot of advertising out there for Traeger, but
word of mouth has led to nationwide and oversea sales.

"The people that know about it are the people that have friends that own one or family that owns one," he said.
"It's kind of like a hidden secret. People who have them, love them because they cook this great food."

Tyson said you can really taste the difference with food cooked on Traeger barbecues, especially
with different flavors of wood pellets available.

"I have never grown accustomed to tasting what gas tastes like because i'm accustomed to what meat
tastes like," he said. "The good flavor. So when I go to a restaurant and eat off a gas grill, it tastes
horrible to me. It's better for me to eat at home because I can cook a better, cheaper meal there."

This season Traeger is coming out with a whole new lime of grills and Tyson said
he is confident the barbecues will catch on in Central Oregon.

"I've been trying to push the barbecues at a really good price and get them out there and let everybody
check them out," he said. "I want everybody to know they can afford these and they are awesome.
They are going to last five times longer than any other barbecue because they are handmade and
made out of 12-gauge steel. Plus they're made in Oregon.