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     Cascade Tub Refinishing is owned and operated by Barlow Barrier and Jade McNair, specializing in porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic refinishing.  Bath Tubs, showers, tile sur-rounds, vanity sinks, claw foot style tubs, antique sinks, even tile counter tops.

     The first and most important step in refinishing your project is making sure the surface is completely cleaned.  We use a three step cleaning process to ensure this.  Our first step is to remove all residue and hard water.  Then we etch the surface with our second step.  And finally we have to neutralize the PH level and remove any remaining film on the surface.  Once this procedure is done then we can continue with masking and protecting all areas not to be refinished.  Removing all hardware (including the drain after cleaning procedure), installing our exhaust system into the refinishing area, and begin our spraying procedure.  The exhaust system that we use is a 1000 cfm exhaust, designed to remove 95% of fumes from the refinishing area, directly through tubing and out of the residence.  Our spraying procedure starts with our bonding agent primer.  This is the product that allows us to give a written three year warranty that our product will not peel or crack.  After primer, we will then apply four to five coats of topcoat acrylic urethane.  The following day we will return to "cut & buff" and re-install hardware, un-mask and clean-up. The finished product is a high quality, high gloss finish that is easy to maintain and clean.  Our acrylic urethane is an Iso-Free product.  This means that harmful Isocyanides will not be in your home.

     Our service can benefit not only home owners.  We can benefit property management companies, hotels, motels, inns, lodges, resorts, rental properties, home remodelers, real estate agents, brokers, etc.  Our warranty is transferable to a new owner where applicable.  Selling a House?  Get more for it.  Buying a House?  Keep your cost down by refinishing instead of replacing.

     Barlow and jade have over fifty years of combined coating experience. their parent company, Central Oregon Electrostatic Refinishing, has been serving Central Oregon for almost 15 years.  Cascade Tub Refinishing is a company that was born out of need in the community, and our desire to increase our services and talents to our customers.  Many references are available.

     Jade and I have talked at great lengths about what is the most important element in our business.  We both agree that "Quality craftsmanship at a fair price" is so important to us.  Our customers have been fantastic and we feel honored to be able to provide a service here in our community, which previously was not available.

    Please call us for a free estimate.  You can reach us at our office (541) 382-7611 or by cell at (541) 408-6949.